Sun Conure Care.

Caring for you pet sun conure bird is not rocket science, but it does involve some knowledge and some 'getting to know how' information. My goal is to share with you all of the wisdom I've gained throughout the years while raising my pet sun conure birds. In my lifetime, I have raised over 100 parrots ranging from the sun conure, to quaker parrots, amazons, mccaws, etc. Although quakers and sun conures are both really easy pet parrots to raise and maintain, the sun conure has proven to be the most fun filled experience for me. So without further a do, we're on to some Sun Conure Basic Care.

Sun Conure Home.

As I mentioned before, the sun conure bird is not that hard to raise and maintain. In your home, a sun conure will only occupy a small area which will not interfere with your current living conditions. As a matter of fact, a small sun conure cage measuring about 20" wide x 24" height x 20" in length should be sufficient for a single sun conure bird. When choosing a sun conure bird cage, I urge you to get one with perches that are atleast inch in diameter with bars that are spaced about an inch apart so that your sun conure does not get his little head stuck in between the bars or risk damaging his tail feathers. It is a good idea to replace the round perches that most traditional bird cages bring with natural tree branches. This will encourage your conure to chew and peel off the bark of the branch. Plus, since the branch has a natural textured surface, your conure will have an easier time climbing and will feel right at home.

Sun Conures and weather go hand in hand and since I have lived in a warm climated area all my life, I have always kept my sun conure cage outside in the backyard Therefore, just to be safe, I will recommend that you place your sun conure's cage away from windows and doors so that they won't get any cold drafts. It goes without saying that placing your conure under heating or air conditioning ducts is not a wise idea either.

Sun Conure Diet.

Before I get into the different types of sun conure diets I must first emphasize the importance of NOT FEEDING your sun conure these certain types of foods. They are: avocados, iceberg lettuce, cabbage and parsley. These veggies are deadly to sun conures and can harm your poor feathered friends. With this said, let's continue with some good tips for sun conure feeding.

Since I just mentioned what veggies NOT to eat, I should go ahead and cover which veggies are good for your sun conure bird which include carrots, broccoli, peas and corn. Sun conures are also fond of fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes and watermelons. It is a good idea to feed sun conures a variety of fruits and vegetables which will keep them happy, but remember: sun conures are parrots and we all know parrots love seeds and nuts. Therefore, it is welcomed to feed your conure bird plenty of nuts which will engage their natural instinct of holding and cracking them.

You may also want to add seeds or pellets to your pet sun conure's diet. A great online source to purchase high quality healthy conure food is Lakesbirdfood. They offer an excellent variety or seeds and pellet foods for your pet sun conure plus other feeders and syringes to help feed your baby sun conures. Click the banner below to visit the Lakes Bird Food website and browse through their great selection.

Lake's 3-5 Ultimate Bird Food Diets

Though I wouldn't go the route of feeding them solely seeds and pellets, adding them in with their daily fruits and veggies and nuts will help in your sun conure's health. Cooked hard-boiled eggs are also a delicious treat for your sun conure bird. Make sure they are cooked well and not left out in their food container for too long because they could spoil if not eaten quickly.

Last but most certainly not least, you sun conure needs plenty of fresh clean water. They require a nice clean bowl in which they could drink from and even at times bathe in. Keep in mind that if they bathe in the water bowl, you will needs to refill the bowl with clean water as soon as possible.

Sun Conure Wing Trimming.

I highly recommend getting your sun conure's wings trimmed if you are going to be taking him out of his cage to play with or train. It is very important to clip your bird's wings because of the many dangers that can exist if this procedure is not practiced. For instance, your sun conure, being a bird after all, will have the instinct of flying away. If that's not enough of a reason to trim your conure's wings, then be aware of other dangers such as free flying into a mirror or window which will cause injury to your conure. If he is flying around your kitchen, he could accidentally burn himself on a hot stove or in a hot soapy sink. Many sun conure owners may cringe at the thought of trimming their pet bird's wings but I can assure you that this process does not hurt your conure bird at all. Wing trimming is very much like clipping your fingernails or toe nails or even cutting your hair. Your sun conure bird will not feel a thing. In about 3 to 4 months, your sun conure's feathers will molt and grow back so you will have to repeat this procedure to ensure the best safety for your pet sun conure.

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